Zulux 1.0

Shoot the colored balls as they snake past you


  • Fun to play
  • Simple touch controls
  • Colorful graphics


  • Just one game mode

Very good

Zulux is a Zuma-style casual game in which you need to blast a chain of colored balls before they reach the hole.

You need to make three or more balls of the same color in a row at which point the balls will disappear and the chain will shorten. Zulux is easy to get into, yet hard to stop playing. You just need to touch the screen to launch a ball in the direction you tapped the screen.

There are lots of levels in Zulux and you need to beat each one in order to progress to the next. It gets tough very quickly, so Zulux will keep you amused for quite some time. Having said this, there is only one game mode. It would've been nice to see an 'endless' mode, where you can challenge yourself to keep the chain back for as long as possible.

Graphically, Zulux is bright and colorful enough, though we felt the backgrounds could have been a bit more imaginative.

Zulux is a game you can easily pick up and play, but which you'll have a hard job putting down again!



Zulux 1.0

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